About Rocket

Espresso machines by Rocket Espresso Milano are true legends for coffee lovers. These beautiful machines are elegant - and contemporary, utilizing Italian design and technology.


The Rocket Espresso Machines are the embodiment of perfection. Every one of them is a unique piece as they are all hand made masterpieces. They carry decades of professional competence and experience from the Milan workshop.


Owing to their design and built quality they are exceptionally reliable through the use of the finest materials. They are easy to maintain and will complement any café, restaurant or home with their contemporary design.


More importantly the Rocket Espresso machines produce quality espresso. A talented barista will be able to achieve more from the coffee using Rocket Espresso machines likewise those wanting quality coffee in the home or the office will be able to produce an exceptional cup.


If you are need good coffee and are in love with coffee making, Rocket Espresso offers you a range of choices for all of your requirements.

Rocket coffee machines are made to order, some models are even in stock at the Expolygon KFT - the Hungarian representative of Rocket Espresso Milano. For those models that we don't have in stock, you can also lead order at us.


About purchase and warranty terms please ask our colleagues.



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